Page Moderation-Facebook Bad Words List

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Page Moderation is important to save your page from Spammy and bad words.

Page Moderation : Where to give Spammy words list to block from your Page?

Step 1 : Go to your page

Step 2 : Click on Settings

Step 3 : Select Page Moderation

Step 4: Add all the selected bad words which you want to block in your page

Step 5: Click on Save

How Page moderation words works ?

As your page is your baby, you need to protect it 24/7.

But you cant sit in front of your Facebook page all the time. SO you can give standing instructions to Facebook team about all the words which you don’t want to see in you page.

So, Facebook has a strong software, where , all the words given by you will be added in that software and will be blocked from your page all the time.

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