How To Create Facebook Page for your business

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Create Facebook Page for your Business

Todays Topic is -How To Create Facebook Page


Creating Facebook page is one of the easiest task and I will show you how to do it.

Point 1. You should have a Facebook Id. Now a days people may neglect to link adhaar to bank and mobile but will not forget to check their Facebook status. So, “Point 1 ” has no meaning.

Point 2.

I can’t believe the fact that you don’t know how to create a Facebook Page. Okay. Happened is Happened. Now follow following steps , create a page and show the page to me tomorrow.

Now. Open your Facebook account, and go to the Top Right Last option as shown in the figure and click it.

It will show you a list of options.

Select “CREATE PAGE” as shown in the figure below.

How to Create a Facebook page

(Now You will say…”What is this TORURE ? infront of whole world, you are scolding me?”.

Ya… I know…and I am taking advantage of being your BOSS)

Point 2 on how to Create Facebook Page:

Facebook page Creation

Now, Select one Option from the above. I am selecting “Artist, Band or Public Figure”. You can select the first one because yours is a small business and its a startup and limited to only Hyderabad, it will come under “Local Business or Place”.

LOCAL BUSINESS OR PLACE : Jahnavi Should Select the Following

Create a Page

ARTIST BAND OR PUBLIC FIGURE : I am Selecting “Artist,Band or Public Figure”

Artist-Brand-Public Figure

Yes! I know what you are thinking JAHNAVI. I Have Selected “Public Figure” Option , So I will enter my AGE.

Nooooooooo Wayyyyyyyyyy

This option is not asking my age. So, No need to enter my age (Laughing loudly).

So, you will never know my age.


Point 3  on how to Create Facebook Page:

For Local Business :

Local Business Page

Enter Name of Your Business “Shree Collections” and select “Category”. You should select “Women’s Clothing”. Because, you want to market Women’s accessories(Sarees, Chudidhars, Leggins, etc).

Or Simply Select “Local Business”.

For Artist, Band or Public Figure :

Artist Brand or Public Figure picture

I am selecting “News Personality”. Because I want to open a news channel in Youtube also where I can post news about Hyderabad. Lets Wait and see..How I am going to take my Channel and Facebook page to next level and ……to Top Level.

Point 4 on how to Create Facebook Page:

Click on “Get Started”

local busies page for Facebook

Point 5 on how to Create Facebook Page:

Upload a Profile Picture and then Cover Photo. You are almost done.

Profile Picture for Facebook Page

Step 6 on how to Create Facebook Page:

Now comes another important step. You should create an User Name for this page.

Now, You Will ask me “How can I create a Username for my Facebook Business Page?”, “How Do I find out My Username for Facebook?”

I Know Jahnavi.  Let me explain.

Go to “About” Option on the left side of the page as shown in the figure.

And then click on Create Page @username.

username for facebook page

Now you will get the next screen where you can create a username for the Created Facebook page.

I tried to get username as “Shreecollections”, Sreecollections”. But the username was already created by someone.

So, Finally got a username as “Shreecollections4u”.

Wrong Username for your Facebook Page

6. correct username for your facebook page

The above image is not clear as per the feedback I got from my friend Krish, uploading the following image.

username for your facebook page

I have created Username for my Facebook too.

create facebook page username the wrong username for facebook 12

9. select right username for facebook page

Selected Create Username and My page is ready.

Congrats-Your Facebook Page is Ready

Now Both the pages are Ready.

This is “Hyderabad News” Page.

Your Facebook Page is ready 9

The Below one is the Page created for “Shree Collections”

7. shreecollections facebook pafe is created and ready now

Follow my old post Best Facebook Phases for few more details about Facebook Posts.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Facebook create page is free?

Yes Creating a Facebook Page is absolutely free. You No need to pay anything to anyone to create this. All the thing you need is a Facebook account.

Can I create Facebook page without personal account

No. You cant create a Facebook without any personal account. With one personal profile, you can create any number of Facebook Pages or Facebook Business Page or Fan Page. Create your Facebook id from

How to create Facebook page username ?

To create an “username”, first you need to publish your page. If it is published, it will automatically shows you below the profile image “create page@username”. By clicking on that link, you can create Facebook username. 

Another method to create Facebook username is go to “About” option (Left side of your page), click on the link, it will navigate to the next option , choose the right username and click on CREATE USERNAME and your work is done.

How to create a Facebook page for a business step by step

Follow the above steps in this post

How to create a Facebook page for a business step by step:

Follow the steps mentioned in the above page.

If it is a local business, Select the first option . You should Enter your area with Pincode.

If the page is for Company or Institutions, which has branches in different location, then select “Company, Organization or Institution”. Here, You should select the Category and Name of the Company. 

Why create Facebook page :

This is my favourite question. And I can give 100 reasons on why to create Facebook page.

  • You can add unlimited followers for your Facebook. But, You can have only 5000 people in your friends list for personal profile. Above that Facebook will not allow you to add any friends in your friends list.
  • You can track how many people has seen your post or video. But in Facebook personal profile timeline, you can not know how many people has seen your post and to how many people the post had reached
  • You can redirect your fans to your website by simply adding a button in page.
  • You can do Facebook marketing through Facebook page but not with Facebook personal profile.

Oh my God, The list will go on like any thing. I will do one thing. I will create another post for “Facebook Marketing with Facebook Page” or “Why you should have a Facebook Page” or “Wonders we can do with Facebook Page”

Can you create Facebook page anonymously 

Yes. You can Create.

Created a Facebook Page


Today Jahnavi Came to me and asked me One shocking thing.

I was really Shocked.

Yesterday full day she learned HOW TO CREATE A FACEBOOK PAGE FOR HER LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS in Hyderabad.


Crazy !!!!!!

Thank God! She didn’t met “Thomas Edison“. Otherwise, she would have asked him “HOW TO BREAK AN ELECTRIC BULB?” immediately after the invention of Electric Bulb. And He might have committed suicide.

Okay….Let me explain How to delete Facebook Page .

Step 1 to Delete Your Facebook Page :

Go to Top Right Corner, select the Page  as shown in the below figure.

how to delete fb page


Step 2 to Delete Your Facebook Page :

Click on “Settings as shown in the picture

2 how to delete Facebook page

Step 3 to Delete Your Facebook Page :

Under “General” option, go to last option (last point in the page) as shown in he following images. 

Click on “Edit” next to Remove Page – Delete Your Page.

3 Delete Your Facebook Page

4. delete Facebook Page for Business

Step 4 to Delete Your Facebook Page :

5 Remove Page- Facebook Page

It will show “Deleting your Page means that nobody will be able to see or find it. Once you click delete, you’ll have 14 days to restore it in case you change your mind. After that, you’ll be asked to confirm whether to delete it permanently. If you choose to unpublish instead, only admins will be able to see your Page”.

So, if you still want to delete your page, you can delete .

I think Facebook Founder “Mark Zuckerberg”  seems to be so emotional seeing you deleting your page. See again and again he is showing the same message.

6. still want to delete facebook page

Now, Click on “Delete Page” . But You still have the option of cancelling deletion with in 14 days. If you feel that you have taken wrong decision , you can retrieve the page with in 14 days .

7. cancel the deleted page with in 14 days

Oh My God, He is Head over heels with your page.


And then …..and then Mark Zuckerberg lived happily ever after. Just Kidding.

But, When Jahnavi asked me about Deletion of Facebook Page, I thought of writing on ” Why You Should Have a Facebook Page for your Business” and “Difference between Facebook Personal Profile and Facebook Page”

Hoe To invite friends to Facebook Page


When to invite friends to Facebook Page?

Don’t be hurry in inviting everyone to your page immediately after you create your Facebook Page.

WAIT !!!!

Before you invite every one, post at-least 5 beautiful posts in the page.

And Then,

Click on the 3 dots  as shown in the picture – Red Arrow.

—-> You will find a drop down menu.

——> Click on “Invite Friends”

invite friends to Facebook Page


invite to Facebook Page

Bottom of this Popup, you will find “Send Invites”.  See the following image.


At the TOP of the Popup, You will see a message  “Hi, I’m inviting you to like my Page because I thought you might be interested in supporting it. You’ll get updates on what’s new, and you can interact with other people on this Page.”

If You want, you can change the message ….. I changed it for you. See the following image.

Facebook Page Invitation-1


Facebook Page Invitation-2


The Ultimate message. With this I am 100% sure  that All your invitees may like your page or not …No guarantee. But You will get a phone call immediately.

facebook page invitations-3

This is the message which will be sent to all your invitees on you behalf.

Now, select to whom you want to send invitations and click on “Send Invites”

Simple. Your work is done.

Now call them and harass them to “like” your page. (Just Kidding)

But, one thing , you are sending invitations to the people who are in your friends list in your personal profile. Means, you are sending to your friends only.



Don’t Worry I will Guide You.

See You In my Next Post

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