Change Facebook Password

First of all, I will say – Change Facebook Password is  very Simple. while most of the people does’t know how to do this.

Krish is a very intelligent lady. Entire office staff therefore take tips from her in Excel. She plays with Excel. We all consider her as a very intelligent lady. But, she doesn’t know changing password for her personal profile. So, this post is dedicated to my GREAT Krish.

How to change Facebook Password

Step by Step procedure to change the password :

  1. Go to your  Personal Facebook and click on the right top corner as shown in the image 

How to Change Facebook Password Image

2. Click on “Settings” link as in the image.

Image for Facebook Password Change

3. Go to “Security and Login” option and click on Change Password as shown in the below picture.

Image for Facebook profile password change

4. Now enter your current password and then enter your new Passwords and click on “Save” because, Facebook need confirmation that is it is YOU, who is changing this. So, in conclusion I mean to say first of all you should remember your old password.

Change Facebook Password

What Will Happen if  Someone Opens my Facebook after I Change Facebook Password?

Some time, actually most of the times, you open you Facebook some where else other than your personal profile and you forget to  Logout. 

When other person come and sits in front of that system, they can easily access your Facebook profile.

It happened once with me. 

Ha ha I know what you are thinking. I forgot to close my Facebook and somebody hacked my id. That’s what you are expecting in my next paragraph. Right?

If so, then you are wrong.

Actually what happened is, in my office someone forgot to logout his Facebook , so I opened his id. And the interesting part is, the person is engaged and I saw his chat with his fiance. And then I called few more females who are close to me and showed this to them also.  Therefore we all got so much of General knowledge. 

So, what I mean to say is don’t forget to log out from your Facebook every time. 

What are Facebook Password Requirements?

  1. It should contain 6 characters
  2. Should not repeat the previous one

Can Facebook Password be all Numbers?

Facebook will not accept password.

can facebook password be all numbers

It won’t allow you to enter all the number as your password.  Means your Passwords can not be with only numbers. 

You can create a Password with letters. 

To create a Strong Password, create it with a combination of numbers, alphabets with uppercase and special character.

Where Can I Find Emails about Security and Logging in

No Need to worry if you missed the email from Facebook about your recent security changes.

Recent Facebook password change email notification can can be find in the Facebook itself .

Go to Top Right Corner, click on “settings” from drop down list, click on “Security and login”.

Now, Scroll down the page till end.

You will find “See Recent Emails From Facebook

Click on “View” next to this and you will find your issues regarding security and recent email sent to you by Facebook Team 

For more clarity, find the following images.

See recent emails from Facebook

Recent emails about security and logging in

How to Reset Facebook Password without email?

Click on Forgot Password. You will get options on how to reset your password. Select your mobile number and you will get an OTP to your mobile. Enter that OTP number in the space provided for the same. Now, you can able to access your facebook and now you can change your password as mentioned in the above steps. 

I can say this seems like it is another way to open your Facebook without password.

SO, now, do it with out email.

How Can I Change My User Name and Account Name in Facebook?

Name : Go to “settings” at the Right Top corner of your Facebook after you login.

Click on “General” option

Click on “Edit”, Next to “Name” Option, and change the name as per your wish.

Now, Username: In the same area click on “edit” next to “username” and can change it.

Name and Username for Facebook ID

How to Create a Facebook Page?

Every business should have a Facebook page. Even if  you are associated with small business also, my suggestion is create a Facebook page for your business and then see the magic with your results.



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